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Certified Policy Practitioners &
Employment Equivalency 


Members seeking a degree or who have completed any academic stage, from undergraduates to pre-professional degrees & PhD candidacies are welcomed to join to any chapter of the Commonwealth Policy Institute as an Associate, in the pursuit of development and government engagement of new policy solutions, to obtain cedrtification as an Associate Fellow, Fellow, or Senior Fellow policy practitioner. Chapters further recruit based upon merit, and appointment to an active chapter at any university in the State system is based on willingness of the member to work freely in public service towards the Commonwealth of Kentucky from driving a research based & stakeholder engaged policymaking process. In doing so, all members are granted unique seminar opportunities and networking for professional growth, in addition to driving their own collaborative work with faculty and stakeholders in policy research, development, advocacy, and professional publication of policy documents. This work occurs part time, though also full time at certain occasions throughout all three semesters of the academic year at each chapters university. In this context, members typically engage in policy development projects with the think-tank that then last for more than one if not multiple academic years. This allows a range of the level of policy research, development, and engagement activity as well as think-tank administration flexibly tailored to the member.


Following completion of board-approved seminar training or alternative coursework accepted, based on the reported level of engagement and certain major output milestones from these experiences to the board, all chapter members are awarded board-approved certification which designates that member from the level of an entered policy Associate to  various degrees of being a Fellow. These do not represent a seniority ranking as chapters operate with a semi-flat structure where activity is driven by policy centers -- they instead reflect the level of work conducted and experiential proficiency. Chapter officers file annual reports before the board to testify to the below certificate standards developed by the board voting members and faculty, which then uses discretion in determining and awarding certification. The recognition of Associate qualifies a member to be further certified as a Fellow, and reports a record of this eligibility and activity by the time of certification. Fellow certificates on the contrary are further permanent certifications, also signed by department representatives at the university of the chapter. Those who attain any certification from Associate Fellow to Senior Fellow have obtained a life-long certification. 


Below, per our charters and general procedure of the board and university chapters, are the board-approved certificates and standards therein which the board may review regularly. (When circumstances suggest certain activities of a certificate holder match the standards therein, the board may use discretion in still awarding the certificate however the individual certificate holder then remains liable to justfiy standard equivalence). Certificate holders bear responsibility of reporting their for All chartered CPI chapters are their own unincorporated associations at the address of their university in the Commonwealth and registered employer identification number in the United States.

Associate & Fellow  Employment Equivalency 

The above table provides the recommendation of CPI board for accounting equivalent years of employed experience, considered as years in which direct work occurred in research given that Associateship or Fellowship represents an academic position at a university chapter. in this instance under a university chapter unit of CPI which are registered employer entities holding their own EIN. This is presented as an equivalent employment years of an academic position, to the total years by in time spent until final leaving certification was certified and the level of the final certification.


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