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Join the Commonwealth Policy Coalition

Our Process?  A Young-professional driven, University-Powered, Public Service Think-Tank.


If you believe in our nonpartisan mission of serving the Commonwealth with new policy solutions translated from the university into the real world, then apply today for Fellowship. We invite Kentucky college students at all levels--undergraduate, graduate, law, or PhD-- to apply. We welcome students from all majors, backgrounds, ideologies, and levels of policy experience.

If accepted, our Fellows are trained through a semester-long intensive seminar program taught by our faculty associates. These seminars include topics ranging from the art of policy making, research methods, interest-based negotiation, advocacy, coalition building, and more. These seminars are offered in a hybrid, online or in-person format and will begin in Fall 2022. This training program ensures our fellows are well-equipped to join a policy team or create their own policy initiative within a center. At the end of each school year, fellows will receive certificates containing one of the following designations: Associate, Associate Fellow, Policy Fellow, or Senior Fellow. Each designation is based on that fellow's level of achievement in that year.

We accept applications on a rolling basis, but highly recommend you apply prior to September 2022 when our seminar program will begin.

*Please note that if you apply, you are applying to join our only established chapter at the University of Louisville. If you are a student or faculty at another Kentucky university and would like to establish a chapter at your school, please reach out to us at for more details.

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