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Commonwealth Policy Coalition Advisory Board Members

Voting Board members include a quorum of Senior Fellow Chairs & Chapter Officer Counsel.

Alumni Senior Fellow Chairs

Senior Faculty Counsel

Samuel Kessler, Senior Fellow

Mitchell Scholar (USIA)

MPP Candidate, University College Dublin

B.S. Environmental Analysis; B.A. Individualized Degree

in Industrial Ecolog& Public Policy, University of Louisville 2022

Jason Gainous, PhD. Board Advisor on Policy Research Methods

University of Louisville, Professor, Department of Political Science

University of Louisville, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Lauren Reuss, H. Senior Fellow

Fulbright Scholar (US Fulbright Commission to Thailand)

McConnel Center Alumnus

B.A. Economics,

B.S. Political Science, University of Louisville 2022

Neil Trautwein, JD.  Board Advisor on Advocacy & Policy Strategy

Adjunct Faculty, University of Louisville Dept. Political Science

Policy Center Faculty Counsel

*Includes active & former Center Faculty Advisors. Professional advisement from these individuals does not imply endorsement on behalf of their university of residence.

Neal Turpin, MPA, PhD.

CPC Center for Rights, Liberties, Equity

CPC Center for Environmental  & Sustainable Development. 

University of Louisville, Dept. Urban & Public Affairs

Neil Trautwein, JD. 

CPC Center for Health Disparities.

DJ Biddle, GISP, MS.

CPC Center for Rights, Liberties, & Equity

University of Louisville, Director, Center for Geographic Information Sciences

Jagannadh Satyavolu, PhD.

CPC Center for Environmental & Sustainable Development

University of Louisville, Conn Centre for Renewable Energy,

Director, Biofuels Division.

Liza Creel, PhD, MPH.

CPC Center for Health Disparities

University of Louisville, Commonwealth Policy Scholar, School of Public Health & 

Information Sciences

Chapter Officer Counsel

Julia S. Mattingly, Senior Fellow

Executive Director, University of Louisville Chapter

Center for Health Disparities

B.A. Individualized Degree in Rural Health Policy, B.S. Political Science,

University of Louisville 2023

Hailey Mattingly, Fellow

Director of Operations, University of Louisville Chapter

Center for Environmental & Sustainable Development

B.S. Political Science, Cert. Applied Geospatial Technologies, 2022;

MA Candidate in Political Science 2023

University Chapters of the Commonwealth Policy Coalition

University of Louisville, chartered 2020.

Justin Avert, Associate Fellow

Adjunct Member, Pennsylvania State University

Center for Rights, Liberties & Equity

Sarah Belcher, Associate Fellow

Center for Rights, Liberties & Equity

Ethan Rutter, Associate

Center for Integrated Policymaking

**Note: The CPC Advisory Board is seeking expansion of new chapters across Kentucky's universities and welcomes the collaboration of public officials, faculty, staff, and students in that process.

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